A Road Map

If you have a business idea that you'd like to bounce off someone, give us a call. We can then work with you to create a Road Map for making that idea a reality.

Client Testimonials

“"VPI and my team are working together to arrange financing for my start-up company, Orion Laboratories, LLC, which has developed three breakthrough technologies for the solar silicon industry. I would strongly encourage other renewable energy start-up companies to contact VPI Business Advisors about a possible business association. I'm glad I did!"”
 Jim Blencoe more

Your Own Business Advisor

David HinkleEach VPI Business Advisor has built his own small businesses. We're fierce advocates in helping our small-business and professional athlete clients go further, faster. No gimmicks, no fads, just practical advice and proven processes from experts in finance, accounting, tax strategy, marketing, PR, print production and real estate. Let the serial entrepreneurs at VPI be your fierce advocates.

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