Public Relations

Public relations that moves the marketing needle must provide insights and strategies that are both creative an actionable. Like everything else we do for our clients at VPI Strategic Marketing, our public relations team is focused on measurable results that raise awareness, give voice to your brand in the public conversation, and present your story in a way that builds credibility – and action.

Media Relations

VPI begins all media relations engagements by looking at the story from the journalist’s point of view. We ask critical questions to discover the editors, writers, producers and bloggers who are most likely to be interested in our story and have a good connection with the communities we need to reach. Powerful research methods are an important part of this process, but there’s old fashioned hard work that’s even more important. You have to actually read what these journalists write and understand how (or if) your story is a good fit for their interests and their audiences. Technology cannot take the place of understanding.

Media Training

You’ve probably talked to a reporter before. You might even have given quite a few interviews in your time. The reporter you’re talking to, however, has conducted many hundreds of interviews. They have a job to do, and a successful end product requires that you understand the professional world in which a journalist lives — before you start talking to them.

VPI Strategic Marketing offers a variety of media training sessions to fit a diverse portfolio of business needs. The goal is to put each spokesperson in the best possible position to effectively represent the brand while giving the media professional the information they need.

Message Development

VPI’s message development begins with in-depth media and consumer research to understand how your brand is viewed currently and what information each of your audiences requires from your company. Armed with this knowledge, we can create messages that not only resonate and gain traction, but begin to raise awareness, spark conversations and move the ball forward for your brand.

Crisis Communications

A crisis operations plan is not sufficient without a thoughtfully developed crisis communications plan to back it up. In an age where information about an incident can move beyond your control in a matter of minutes, you need a crisis communications plan that accounts for the role of social media.

We can help you with the planning, rehearsal and coaching that will help you prepare for the gathering, processing and distribution of critical information during a crisis. We help you plan the various public relations elements of a crisis, including selection of official spokespeople for different types of crises, establishment of a media operations center to help the media distribute official information, planning a “dark” crisis communications section of your website, and drilling your employees on their respective roles.

Community Relations

VPI Strategic Marketing can arrange strategic introductions with key community influencers, plan and publicize public input gathering sessions, assist with zoning/land use issues and develop neighborhood communications strategies. We also can help develop annual giving plans that align an organization’s philanthropic and business goals for maximum communications impact.

Employee Communications

In a rebounding economy, employers thoughts begin to turn toward retention of valuable players. Effective employee communications programs as a part of your overall public relations program help to improve the sharing of information in your organization, not only from the top down, but from the bottom up, and among employees as well.